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The Door
by Bro. Clifford Hurst

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The following is largely excerpted from our Wednesday night study, Investigating Islam. My goal is to inform our people of what Islam is truly all about, not to incite anger or hatred towards Muslims. Muslims are people for whom Jesus died, and our intent towards them should be their salvation through Christ. Yet, Islam is a contemporary, looming reality to which we will increasingly find it unavoidable not to respond.

One of the greatest misconceptions about Islam is the insistence of the liberal media and politicians that the extremists and terrorists, both terms which liberals refuse to preface with the modifier "Islamic," are not true Islamists, but that the terrorists and extremists have hijacked Islam for their own nefarious purposes. This misconception further alleges that only the moderate Muslims are genuine adherents of true Islam. This is not only disingenuous, it is ignorance or willful denial of historical Islam. So, let's get this straight: We are asked to believe that the terrorists/extremists are "bad" Muslims (not truly Islamic) and that the moderates, who do not believe in a literal interpretation of the Quran, jihad, or sharia law (if the case can be so), are "good" Muslims (truly Islamic). Let's create an impossible scenario: Let's bring Mohammad, Islam's founder, back from the dead just as he was (excepting his pre- and early Islamic years). Let's have him examine moderate Muslims, say, in America. Then, let's have him observe extremist Muslims actively engaged in jihad, killing infidels, literally interpreting the Quran and enforcing sharia law. Now, let's ask Mohammad, "Which of these two groups, moderates or extremists, are practicing true Islam as you practiced it?" Only denial of the historic Mohammad would imagine that he would do anything other than point at the extremists and say, "They are the true Muslims." To him the moderates would be the "bad" Muslims and the extremists would be the "good" Muslims. This brings up a crucial point: What a religion truly believes or teaches should be judged by its founder and not simply by a professed follower. The true follower of a religion is the one who emulates the founder of that religion. Any professor of Islam that kills infidels is congruent with Mohammad, Islam's founder; thus, that professor IS a true Muslim. Any professor of Christianity that is a genocidal Crusader or abortion clinic bomber is incongruent with Jesus, Christianity's Founder; thus, that professor is NOT a true Christian. Therefore, antithetical to of what liberalism preaches, by the measure of true Islam, the extremists are the good Muslims and the moderates are the bad Muslims. This blind liberalism whose insistence of tolerating Islam by refusing to label accurately the extremists as Islamic, will, no doubt, be intolerant of any who seek to share the truth about the extremists being, in fact, Islamic; Ironically but predictably, this "tolerant" liberalism labels as haters those who accurately identify the militant extremists as the true Muslims. The extremists who want to kill, bomb, and destroy never hijacked true Islam. True Islam was already headed there, and they went along for the ride (the extremists simply followed Islam's teaching).

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