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The Vine
by Bro. Clifford Hurst

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As I read that people are having panic and anxiety attacks over the upcoming election, I totally got it. It would be easy to have one-Christian or no. In this present environment, everything seems turned on its head, spinning out of control, with no thing, no candidate, no reason to give cause for hope. Yet, I did find reason to hope. I found it in the Word. I found it in two words, "My Servant." Reading through the major prophets I ran across these words in Jeremiah. God calls this fellow, "My Servant." Now, we would suppose that, if God called a fellow His servant, that man would be a godly king, or a true prophet, or a righteous, spiritual man. Right? It's not the case. This fellow that God called "My Servant" was none of those things. In fact, he was an ungodly man, a pagan, an idolater, a cruel, wicked person. He was Nebuchadnezzar, the emperor of Babylon. This is more astonishing when one notes that "My Servant" is a term God reserved for Moses, David, and even the Christ. Why would God call such a person as Nebuchadnezzar His servant? Because, whatever Nebuchadnezzar would do, however evil, however disastrous for God's people, he would do exactly what God would have him do to fulfill the overarching, master plan God has for the redemption of His people. Nebuchadnezzar was but a chess piece in the hand of God. (Remember that, "chess piece.") Of an Assyrian king who had previously invaded God had said, "He thinks he is fulfilling his schemes, doing his own thing, but in the end he is fulfilling My plan, doing the very thing I am having him do." So where is the hope in all this when we consider the coming election? It is simply this: whichever candidate becomes president, whatever that one does while in office, however disastrous, wicked, antichristian it is, we can rest assured; God has not been caught by surprise. He is in control. In the same way Nebuchadnezzar was God's servant, the person who becomes president will be also His servant, playing a role in God's master plan that moves all things to the coming of Jesus Christ and the ultimate reign of righteousness. Pilate, a powerful, godless governor, in delivering up Jesus to an awful crucifixion did God's will fulfilling His plan. Even when the Antichrist arises and does his thing and seemingly controls the world, he will do only what fits the plan of God. If a master of chess playing an amateur surrenders a chess piece, it is not because the master didn't see it coming, could not have prevented it, had no other options. It is for one reason: The master surrenders a piece because he is setting up the board for a win. His opponent, even if he thinks he is in control, making the moves he wants to make, is, in fact, doing exactly as the master would have him do. The master controls the board. So, think this: Whoever becomes president, that one, though in this world's most powerful position, whatever he/she does, will do exactly what God would have him/her do to fulfill His will. God is only setting things up for the coming of Jesus, the redemption of all things, and the eternal reign of righteousness. Whoever is elected, God is setting things up for a win. His win. Our win. There IS hope.

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