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Although I haven't heard, I am sure that others were reminded of the same thing: When I listened to the media's drumbeat that President Trump had interfered with the FBI's investigation into Flynn's alleged collusion with Russia by suggesting to Director Comey that he just "let this go," I thought of Frozen's hit song, "Let it go." It's this song people remember when they have forgotten everything else about the movie. If believers were to read the lyrics of this song without hearing and being carried away by the artistic beauty of the music, they would be appalled at its anti-Christian worldview. Letting it go connotes everything from casting off self-control and responsibility to throwing off every restraint and living only as one feels he wants to live to New Age "oneness" with the universe. However, I am not writing to critique the song or movie. I am simply musing on the "Let it go" expression that has seemingly captivated minds and become ubiquitous in conversations. The phrase can mean so many things. At least in my experience, people use it when faced with a disturbing issue or divisive controversy or blame-worthy offense to shrug it off, put it aside, turn away from it. "Let it go" also cannot be extracted from is long-used, prevailing meaning of not holding someone accountable, not trying to exact punishment or retribution, not trying to wrangle an apology or admission of wrong. Some more nobly use it as the admonition to let go the painful past of grudges and bitterness. As Trump was alleged to use it, "Let it go" means to let off the hook for wrong doing. You are telling a friend how a policeman pulled you over for speeding. The friend asks, "Did you get a ticket?" You respond, "No, the officer let it go." A child is about to go out and play but was supposed to clean his room first. The parent walks by the child's room and sees it is still a mess. The parent "lets it go" and allows the kid to go out and play anyway. "Let it go." Relinquish one's grip, right, hold, grudge, gripe or grievance and let the offender go free. Contrary to a misconceived concept of God and His grace, when we sin, do wrong, offend God, God does NOT just "let it go." He doesn't let "it” go; He puts it on Christ. The punishment is paid. Our sin isn't just dismissed. It is dealt with. One of my favorite scriptures highlights God's wonderful grace when it says, "He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities." (Psa 103:10). This is so often misread. The Scripture never says that God doesn't deal with our sins. It says God doesn’t deal with "us" over our sins. God deals with Christ over our sins! He didn't let our sin go. He put our sin our Christ and judged it on and by the cross. God didn't let it go. The Officer gave us the ticket. Jesus paid the ticket and the Officer let us go--go free!

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