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Many here this past week dealt with the unpleasantness and inconvenience of no power--some for days. The storm blitzed through our valley shearing the tops of or downing a huge number of trees. As the trees went down, the power went off. In the process of cutting up one of the trees, I switched off my chain saw as a utility repairman approached me. We chatted about how many were without power and when he would be able to work on restoring ours. Inevitably, the conversation turned to how many trees were down. Right behind me was the remains of a huge limb I was sawing up. The main torso of the limb was still hanging from the tree. It was evident why the limb had broken in the wind. Where it had been attached to the trunk, there was a huge spot of dark rot that had been hollowing out the limb at its base. Before I realized it I heard myself saying, "When the tree falls, it reveals the rot." A tree can look completely healthy. Its canopy can be a full, vibrant green. It's bark can appear wholesome and its limbs strong. Yet, all the while there can be hidden from view deep, devouring rot ever increasing and gnawing the inside of the tree hollow and weak. Tree rot is caused by a fungus that finds its way into the core of a tree. The tree's outside is healthy; the inside is being destroyed by a parasite. None of this is seen or noticed by those who see the tree. Not until the storm. When the storm hits, the internally rotten, hollowed-out tree cannot withstand the pressure. As the wind bends its limbs towards the earth, there is a cracking, a splintering, then a resounding popping, and the tree crashes down. Those who then see the fallen tree cannot but see the reason it fell: The dark decay and the darker hollowness left by the rot is evident to all. I work with people, not with trees. But, the story is no different. A Christian appears the picture of spiritual health and life. He appears solid, firm. Then, suddenly, one day there is a crisis, a conflict, a pressure, a dilemma, a discovery--a storm. His life, his world, his relationships, his Christian persona comes crashing down. And there it is--exposed. The sin, the rot is revealed. The rot can also be bitterness, lust, hatred, hurt, fear, doubt, worry, stress--and a lot of other soul destroyers. With people something can be done that cannot be done with trees. The Word and the Spirit can reveal to and convict a person about the rot in his soul. If that one will repent, call on God in sincerity, God can remove the rot and fill the empty hollowed out place with spiritual health and life--living tissue. With people, there is rot removal, and hollow healing. The infected Christian can get it right and not topple in a storm. There were trees that had been rotting a long time. They had even made it through many of this year's previous storms; but, not this one. Inevitably, one day a storm will hit and reveal the rot. Rot is another reason we so need Jesus.

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