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This is new to me. It is Thursday morning before Father's day, and I have received two Father's Day cards from those who are not my biological children. Feeling honored and somehow gratefully fulfilled, I choose to ignore the implication that being a pastor viewed as a father indicates I have entered a season in life when I am seen as an older figure. Yet, I cannot help but feel honored by and unworthy of the cards. We see someone in our lives other than our biological dad as a father when we look at him with respect a respect for his acting wisely in making decisions, giving advice, and fulfilling responsibilities in a way that makes us feel safe, guided, protected, and provided for. Thus, as pastor, to be seen as a spiritual father is truly an honor but, I didn't mention that to talk about myself. It is just that this all made me think of the current social, political, familial, ecclesiastic world in which we live and inquire, Where are the fathers? Following the news of the fiasco of the anger, squabbling, and totally political maneuvering in Washington's halls of government, I began the week asking, "Where are the adults?" After receiving the cards, I began to ask "Where are the fathers?" Who are those leaders in Washington that would make us as constituents and Americans feel a respect for their acting wisely in making decisions, giving counsel, and fulfilling responsibilities in a way we feel safe, guided, and protected in a way that we feel that they selflessly truly have our interests at heart? George Washington was such a national leader. He has been called the Father of our country. I know "father" is also used as founder, originator. But, Washington was also Father in a sense far more than a founder. I have read enough original sources on Washington to know that he truly had Americans and their country at heart. He refused to be made a king. He refused a third term. He would not foster or support schisms. He continually gave counsel, guidance, and directives that showed He wanted what was best for our country. We need such fathers in our government. We need such fathers in our churches. We need such fathers in our homes. God, our Heavenly Father, is such a father. But, we as wearers of skin, need a father with skin. That's what Jesus' incarnation was all about. That is why He said, "He that hath seen me hath see the Father." Jesus has since ascended to the Father. We Christian men are now to be the example and representation of the Father. I so appreciate those cards and notes and texts I receive from my biological children on Father's Day. But, I was also honored/humbled to receive those cards from those who aren't my progeny. I want to live worthy of them. Where are the fathers? For sure, there is One in heaven. Did any one get Him a Father's day card?

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