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One With Only Two
by Bro. Clifford Hurst

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This past week for his sixteenth birthday I took my younger son to a theme park. (Yes, even after over 30 years of parenting, I still have a teenager to raise.) When we entered the park, I moved my wallet to a front pocket of my jeans. Cautious of pickpockets, I often do so when in crowded public places. Also, there was the prospect of losing it from a back pocket while going 70 mph upside down on a loop of a roller coaster track. I never realized how frequently I check for my wallet until I moved it to the front pocket. Over and over after a ride or rising from a bench, instinctively, I ran my hand over my back-left pocket. Each time there was that instant panicking alarm and despair when I felt the empty pocket and thought I'd lost my wallet. (I'm sure it works this way with ladies and their purses too.) When my conscious reason caught up and reminded me I had deposited it in the front pocket, relief would wash over me. Why was I so alarmed over thinking I had lost my wallet? It wasn't the thought of losing a lot of money or a good wallet. I probably had less than $100 cash, and the wallet is worn out and tattered. The alarm came from the fact that so much of my life is tied to what is in my wallet. Have you ever thought about how much of your life is in your wallet? In your wallet is your identity. There is your driver's license and often your social security card. How much could you do without those cards of identification? How much could an identity thief do with them? What about all those credit cards? Your finances could be wrecked if those fell into the wrong hands. Then there are your health insurance, pharmacy, and other medical cards. Also, there are all those customer loyalty cards. What would you do without all those extra savings? There's your library card. Perhaps, you even have an extra key to your vehicle in your wallet in case you are locked out. ("What's in your wallet?"). Besides all you would lose and the harm that could be done by those who stole all those things in your wallet, think of the hassle and many hours it would take trying to notify credit card companies, drivers' bureau, etc., to take care of what you lost. That's why most of us are so careful of our wallet. We ought to be even more fastidiously careful with our souls. Once, when I again went through the routine of patting my back pocket, finding it empty, feeling panic, remembering it was, in fact, in a front pocket, experiencing relief washing over me, I heard the words, "Keep you heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life." All of our life is tied to what is in our souls. Our eternity is too. Jesus said, "What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul." How careful are you with your soul? Did you just check?

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