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Loving history, I find any living connection to the distant past intriguing. As a child, I did not appreciate the oddity of a great aunt of mine that I would see when she came to visit my grandparents. Because of events I will not take the space to share, her father, my great-grandfather, left her to be raised by his father, my great-great grandfather, then a septuagenarian. Later, as an adult, I marveled that I had known someone raised by someone born in 1808 a year before Abraham Lincoln. I had experienced a living link to one who lived 210 years ago. I thought that was something until today: Having read about the presidents for years, I’m not sure how I missed this. Just minutes ago on the phone a friend asked me if I had heard that there are two grandsons of our 10th president (1841-1845), John Tyler, living today. That sounded like a myth to me; I had to check it out. It’s no myth. It’s true. It’s amazing! John Tyler was born in 1790! John Tyler’s thirteenth child, Lyon Gardiner Tyler was born in 1853. Lyon had two sons born in the 1920’s. They are alive today: Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr., born in 1924, and Harrison Ruffin Tyler in 1928. If it could be arranged, you and I, 228 years after President Tyler was born, could talk and visit with his grandsons. What a living link (via their father) to someone born so long ago. Let me share something even more unique and amazing than that. Let me tell you about experiencing, not a living link to someone born long ago, but about experiencing someone still living who was born long, long ago. This is incredible! We can experience someone who was born 2,018+ years ago. He is still alive. Oh, to be honest, He did die in 33 A.D. But, He didn’t stay dead. He rose from the grave! He is alive. We can have, not a living link to this One; we can have a link to this living One. He lives!

-Pastor Clifford Hurst

April 1, 2018