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#DateTitleMinisterSeries NameBook
600409/20/17A Very Special SkyBro. Bill NorvellGenesis 1:14
600309/17/17Serving One AnotherBro. Clifford HurstOne AnotheringGalatians 5:13
600209/17/17One With Only TwoBro. Clifford HurstJesus In JohnJohn 3:13-21
600109/13/17A Made-Up MindBro. Aaron MaggardGenesis 32:24-28
600009/10/17Their Really Is A CauseBro. Bryan McKelveyI Samuel 17:25-31
599909/06/17Burning Fire Or Healing FireBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 4:1-6
599809/03/17Forgiving One AnotherBro. Clifford HurstOne AnotheringEphesians 4:32
599709/03/17You Must Be Born AgainBro. Clifford HurstJesus In JohnJohn 3:1-9
599608/30/17Revival Begins At HomeBro. Doug WebbMark 5:1-20
599508/29/17The Accuser Is A LoserBro. Doug WebbRevelation 12:7-11
599408/28/17Press InBro. Doug WebbMark 2:1-3
599308/27/17For There Is HopeBro. Doug WebbJob 14:1-9
599208/27/17So Great SalvationBro. Doug WebbHebrews 2:1-3
599108/23/17Does It Pay?Bro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 3:13-18
599008/16/17What IfBro. Rick CrewsII Chronicles 7:13-14
598908/13/17He Restoreth My SoulBro. Bryan McKelveyPsalms 23:3
598808/13/17Stop Blaming, Start BelievingBro. Bryan McKelveyJohn 11:33-45
598708/09/17Tithing And Spiritual FireBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 3:7-12
598608/06/17Something Better Than A PlaqueBro. Bryan McKelveyII Timothy 4:1-8
598508/06/17The Jesus Know One KnowsBro. Clifford HurstJesus In JohnJohn 2:13-18
598408/02/17Feasting in The FightBro. Bryan McKelveyEphesians 6:12
598307/30/17Sweet WaterBro. Joe SerdaExodus 15:22-26
598207/30/17When You Run Out Of WineBro. Clifford HurstJesus In JohnJohn 2:1-11
598107/26/17Fire Brings FireBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 3:1-6
598007/23/17Admonishing One AnotherBro. Clifford HurstOne AnotheringColossians 3:16
597907/23/17Pointing Out Jesus Part 2Bro. Clifford HurstJesus In JohnJohn 1:39-41
597807/16/17The God Of All GraceBro. Mike BlueI Peter 5:7-12
597707/09/17Love One AnotherBro. Clifford HurstOne AnotheringJohn 13:34-35
597607/09/17Pointing Out JesusBro. Clifford HurstJesus In JohnJohn 1:15
597507/05/17When God Gets TiredBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 2:17
597407/02/17The Can't And Cans Of A CaptiveBro. Clifford HurstII Timothy 2:26
597306/25/17Lay It Down And Leave It ThereBro. Bryan McKelveyHebrews 12:1-3
597206/25/17What The Word DidBro. Clifford HurstJesus In JohnJohn 1:1-18
597106/21/17Divorce Douses The FireBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 2:14-16
597006/18/17Forbearing One AnotherBro. Clifford HurstOne AnotheringEphesians 4:1
596906/18/17The Cry For A FatherBro. Clifford HurstJohn 20:17
596806/14/17Lifestyle Cancels WorshipBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 2:10-13
596706/11/17Victory By TeamBro. Noel VictorI Chronicles 11:22
596606/11/17Standing When Others BowBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 6:13-14
596506/07/17Half-Hearted Worship Part 2Bro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 2:1-9
596406/04/17Confess One To AnotherBro. Clifford HurstOne AnotheringJames 5:16
596306/04/17If I Remember...Bro. Clifford HurstII Peter 1:4-9
596205/31/17Half-Hearted Worship Part 1Bro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 1:8
596105/28/17You Are WantedBro. Clifford HurstLuke 22:31-32
596005/28/17Heaven Is For EveryoneBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?II Peter 3:9
595905/24/17The Want ToBro. Michael WaltersJonah 1:1-3
595805/21/17Welcoming One AnotherBro. Clifford HurstOne AnotheringRomans 15:7
595705/21/17Heaven May Not Be For YouBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?Revelations 22:1-5
595605/17/17The Unlikely ConversationBro. Dustin WrightJohn 4:9
595505/14/17Invite GodBro. Clifford HurstJohn 2:1-2
595405/14/17God, Gentle As A MotherBro. Clifford HurstI Thessalonians 2:7
595305/07/17He Is Our FatherBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 8:14-17
595205/07/17An Appetite For His RighteousnessBro. Bryan McKelveyMatthew 5:6
595105/03/17Approval or Anointing Or BothBro. Derek RichColossians 1
594904/30/17HellBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?Matthew 18:8-9
594804/26/17God's GraceBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 10:30-37
594604/23/17Millenium!Bro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?Revelation 20:1
594504/19/17Second-Guessing God's LoveBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 1:1
594404/16/17What Jesus Did TonightBro. Clifford HurstJohn 20:19
594304/16/17Where Is He?Bro. Clifford HurstMatthew 28:1-2
594204/12/17Nothing Much HappeningBro. Clifford HurstFinding Your FireMalachi 4:4-6
594104/09/17Spirit-Led Faith SharingBro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Led LifeMatthew 10:18-20
594004/09/17This Stone Won't Have ToBro. Clifford HurstLuke 19:35
593904/05/17The Battle With WearinessBro. Clifford HurstWarGalatians 6:7
593804/02/17Transformed By The SpiritBro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Led-LifeII Corinthians 3:15-18
593704/02/17Brokenness For BrokennessBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 11:24
593603/29/17The Battle With The PastBro. Clifford HurstWarGalatians 1:3
593503/26/17Things I trust God AboutBro. Bryan McKelveyNumbers 23:19
593403/26/17The JudgementBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?Revelation 20:11-15
593303/22/17The Battle With AngerBro. Clifford HurstWarEphesians 4:26-27
593203/19/17Joy In The Holy GhostBro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Filled LifeRomans 14:17
593103/19/17Jesus Is Coming AgainBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?Hebrews 9:28
593003/15/17The Spirit And PrayerBro. Zane EstisRomans 8:26-28
592903/12/17Praying in The Holy GhostBro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Led-LifeJude 1:20
592803/12/17The Great DeceptionBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?II Thessalonians 2:7-12
592703/08/17A Call To RighteousnessBro. Bryan McKelveyII Corinthians 6:14-18
592603/05/17The Blood For What BothersBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 9:12-14
592503/01/17The Battle With WorryBro. Clifford HurstWarPhillipians 4:6
592402/26/17The Best Is Yet To ComeBro. Kenneth CrewsEcclesiastes 7:8
592302/26/17Prodigal PortionBro. Kenneth CrewsLuke 15:11-31
592202/25/17The Power Of ForgivenessBro. Kenneth CrewsWinter Warm-Up 2017Mark 11:25-26
592102/24/17The ChoiceBro. Kenneth CrewsWinter Warm-Up 2017Hebrews 11:23-27
591902/19/17The Baptism Of The Holy GhostBro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Led LifeActs 19:1-6
591802/19/17The AntichristBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?II Thessalonians 2:3-9
591702/15/17The Battle With PrideBro. Clifford HurstWarMatthew 18:1-4
591602/12/17The Fruit Of The SpiritBro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Led LifeGalatians 5:18
591502/12/17The Great DepartureBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?II Thessalonians 2:1-3
591402/08/17The Battle With DepressionBro. Clifford HurstWarPsalms 42:1-6
591302/05/17Live Spirit-Led Life; Live FreeBro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Led LifeRomans 7:24
591202/05/17DestructionBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?II Thessalonians 1:7-10
591102/01/17The Battle With DoubtBro. Clifford HurstWarMatthew 14:28-31
590901/29/17I Have No ManBro. Clifford HurstJohn 5:2-9
590801/25/17My Treasured WorshipBro. Bryan McKelveyMatthew 6:19-21
590701/22/17The Last Great RaceBro. Aaron MaggardGenesis 41:33-41
590601/22/17From Ruin To RevivalBro. Bryan McKelveyI Corinthians 6:9-11
590501/18/17Ichabod Or EbenezerBro. Ralph HeathI Samuel 4:19-22
590401/15/17As In The Days Of NoahBro. Clifford HurstWhat's Going To Happen?Matthew 24:30
590301/11/17The Battle With GuiltBro. Clifford HurstWarRomans 8:1
590201/08/17By What Are You Led?Bro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit-Led LifeGalatians 5:16-18
590101/08/17The GatheringBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 13:36-43
590001/04/17From The Garden To The DumpBro. Rick CrewsRomans 8:35-39
589901/01/17The Holy Spirit Is a Beginner...Bro. Clifford HurstLiving The Spirit Led-LifeGalatians 5:18
589801/01/17New For The NewBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 9:16-17
589712/28/16The Battle With AcceptanceBro. Clifford HurstWarJohn 1:11
589612/25/16The Light In The MangerBro. Clifford HurstJohn 1:14
589412/14/16The Battle With SelfBro. Clifford HurstWarRomans 7:18-19
589312/11/16Does Your Soul Do This? (Mary's Magnificant)Bro. Clifford HurstLuke 1:46-47
589212/11/16The PointerBro. Clifford HurstJohn 1:6-8
589112/07/16The Battle With FearBro. Clifford HurstWarI John 4:18
589012/04/16True WorshipBro. Clifford HurstRomans 12:1-2
588912/04/16From The Stable To The TableBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:7
588811/30/16Why Jesus Came Down That RoadBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 19:1-10
588711/27/16A Testimony Of ChangeBro. Clifford HurstJohn 9:25
588611/27/16The TribulationBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 24:21
588511/22/16If Thankful, There'd Be No...Bro. Clifford HurstRomans 1:21
588411/20/16He's Making Us More Like JesusBro. Jason McKelveyRomans 8:28-30
588311/20/16What's Going To Happen: Horses And BloodBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 24:3-9
588211/16/16The Battle With LustBro. Clifford HurstWarJames 1:14-15
588111/13/16What A Difference A Different Heart MakesBro. Clifford HurstEzekiel 36:26-27
588011/13/16Jesus' Second Coming: The Day Of The LordBro. Clifford HurstI Thessalonians 5:1
587911/09/16The Battle With Our ImageBro. Clifford HurstWarExodus 4:10
587811/06/16Prayer For The Lost? What Kind Of Praying?Bro. Clifford HurstI Samuel 12:23
587711/06/16What's Going To Happen: The Day Of The Lord Part 2Bro. Clifford HurstWarI Thessalonians 5:1-6
587611/02/16WarBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 6:10-12
587510/30/16What's Going To Happen: The Day Of The Lord Part 1Bro. Clifford HurstI Thessalonians 5:1-6
587410/23/16The VineBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 15:1
587310/19/16Breakdown To BreakthroughBro. Aaron MaggardGalatians 2:16-20
587210/16/16Get Up!Bro. Rick CrewsMatthew 16:28-30
587110/16/16Be ReadyBro. Bryan McKelveyI Thessalonians 5:1-6
587010/12/16The Quran (Quran, Koran) Part IIBro. Clifford HurstInvestigating IslamPsalms 119:89
586910/09/16Heavy Hands Need LiftingBro. Bryan McKelveyExodus 17:8-16
586810/05/16The Quran (Quran, Koran)Bro. Clifford HurstInvestigating IslamII Peter 1:20-21
586710/02/16Praying For The Lost: Why?Bro. Clifford HurstI Samuel 12:23
586610/02/16Leaven In The LumpBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 5:6-8
586509/28/16Strong MeatBro. Bryan McKelveyHebrews 5:11-14
586409/25/16SeasonsBro. Bryan McKelveyEcclesiastes 3:1-8
586309/25/16I Am The WayBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 14:2-6
586209/21/16The Meaning Of The MosqueBro. Clifford HurstInvestigating IslamII Corinthians 10:4-5
586109/18/16Pots With PowerBro. Clifford HurstIi Corinthians 4:7
586009/18/16The Resurrection And The LifeBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 11:17
585909/16/16Blessed In ChristBro. Dollas MesserEphesians 2:14-21
585809/15/16Jesus The Joy of LifeBro. Dollas MesserPhilippians 1:1
585709/14/16Counting The CostBro. Dollas MesserLuke 14:25-35
585609/13/16Grace Hath AppearedBro. Dollas MesserTitus 2:11-14
585509/12/16When Pentecost Fully ComesBro. Dollas MesserActs 2:1
585409/11/16The Testament Of Jesus ChristBro. Dollas MesserRevelation 1:5-8
585309/11/16How Do We Get From Here To There?Bro. Dollas MesserHabakkuk 1:1-3
585209/07/16Basic BeliefsBro. Clifford HurstInvestigating IslamGalations 4:22
585109/04/16Worship WinsBro. Clifford HurstII Chronicles 20:2-3
585009/04/16The Foolishness And The PowerBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 1:18
584908/31/16The Burden Of Our TestimonyBro. Bryan McKelveyJoshua 4:1-7
584808/28/16Cold LoveBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 24:3
584708/28/16The ShepherdBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 10:11
584608/24/16The FounderBro. Clifford HurstInvestigating IslamGalatians 1:8-9
584508/21/16The DoorBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 10:7
584408/17/16MisconceptionsBro. Clifford HurstInvestigating IslamI John 4:1
584308/14/16Go For The GoldBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 9:24-27
584208/14/16The Light Of The WorldBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 8:2-12
584108/10/16In Conclusion; Let's Talk ConstructionBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:24-27
584008/07/16Unexpected DetoursBro. Joe SerdaLuke 24:36-48
583908/07/16Our Time Together At The tableBro. Clifford HurstLuke 22:14-16
583808/03/16Gap Between Say And DoBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:21-23
583707/31/16HopeBro. Shawn McDanielHebrews 6:17-19
583607/31/16The Bread Of lifeBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 6:35
583507/27/16How To Spot A False ProphetBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:15-16
583407/24/16Where Is Your God?Bro. Clifford HurstPsalms 42:3
583307/24/16The JudgeBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesActs 10:38
583207/17/16Break That ChainBro. Mike BlueJohn 7:37-39
583107/13/16Which Way?Bro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:13-14
583007/10/16Power In Perilous TimesBro. Bryan McKelveyII Timothy 1:5-8
582907/10/16A Sound Mind In Unsettling TimesBro. Bryan McKelveyII Timothy 1:5-13
582807/06/16Why The Golden Rule Is GoldenBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:12
582707/03/16Chains In The ChurchBro. Clifford HurstMark 1:23
582606/29/16AskSeekKnockBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:7-11
582506/26/16To Be ContinuedBro. Clifford HurstII Timothy 3:14
582406/19/16Protector-In-ChiefBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 6:10-13
582306/19/16The Father Seen In This FatherBro. Clifford HurstJohn 14:8-9
582206/15/16When It's Good Not To GiveBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:6
582106/12/16Whatcha After?Bro. Clifford HurstRomans 8:5
582006/12/16Son Of GodBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 3:16
581906/05/16My GodBro. Aaron MaggardPsalms 63:1-8
581806/05/16Connected To ChristBro. Bryan McKelveyColossians 1:18-22
581706/01/16Jesus Is In The HouseBro. Cody WhitakerMark 2:1-5
581605/29/16We Need JesusBro. Reggie DowdyII Kings 2:9
581505/29/16Son Of ManBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesMatthew 16:13
581405/25/16Let Go Of SodomBro. Caleb DowdyGenesis 19:15-26
581305/22/16Getting It BackBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 51:10-13
581205/22/16The LordBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesJohn 13:13
581105/18/16Keep Your Own Nose CleanBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 7:1-5
581005/15/16The High Calling On Another Level Of The AnnointingBro. Dustin WrightPhilippians 3:8-14
580905/15/16The FirstbornBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesColossians 1:17-18
580805/10/16Careless In God's CareBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 6:25
580705/08/16Women In WorshipSis. Sharon Hillen
580605/08/16When Moms Rise UpBro. Clifford HurstJudges 4:1-4
580505/01/16Blood And OilBro. Clifford HurstExodus 29:1
580405/01/16The Alpha And The OmegaBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesRevelation 1:8
580304/27/16Come To JesusBro. Bryan McKelveyMatthew 11:28-30
580204/24/16Expect Better Of YouBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 6:4-6
580104/24/16The SuretyBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesHebrews 7:19-20
580004/20/16WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE?Bro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudeMatthew 6:19-21
579904/17/16Between Two NeedsBro. Clifford HurstMark 5:25-30
579804/17/16The CarpenterBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesMark 6:1-3
579704/13/16A Recipe For PrayerBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 6:9-15
579604/10/16Glad For The DifferenceBro. Clifford HurstExodus 8:22-23
579504/10/16The Author And Finisher Of FaithBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesHebrews 12:1-3
579404/06/16"Don't Be A Hypocrite." --JesusBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 6:5
579304/03/16Out Of Place In This PlaceBro. Clifford HurstI Peter 2:9-11
579203/30/16In The Land Of My AfflictionBro. Aaron MaggardGenesis 41:46-53
579103/27/16Waiting For His ArrivalBro. Bryan McKelveyJohn 14:1-3
579003/27/16Why Seek There?Bro. Clifford HurstLuke 24:1-8
578903/23/16Can You Love A Terrorist?Bro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:43-48
578803/20/16ForwardBro. Clifford HurstPhillipians 3:13-14
578703/20/16The King Came; The King Is ComingBro. Clifford HurstJohn 12:12-15
578603/16/16Not Their Eye But Your CheekBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:38-42
578503/13/16Targeted By SatanBro. Clifford HurstLuke 22:31
578403/13/16The NazareneBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesMatthew 2:19
578303/09/16Do You Swear You Don't Swear?Bro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:33-37
578203/06/16Stand Up And Sit DownBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 52:1-2
578103/06/16The Lamb Of GodBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesGenesis 22:7
578003/02/16The D* WordBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:31-32
577902/28/16Worship = Delighting In GodBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 37:4
577802/28/16FatherBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesMAtthew 6:9
577102/21/16AwakeningsBro. Clifford HurstRomans 13:11
577002/21/16How Bad Do You Want It?Bro. Clifford HurstII Kings 13:14-19
576902/17/16When Is A Look Lust?Bro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:27
576802/14/16SeekBro. Clifford HurstColossians 3:1-2
576702/14/16Jehovah-MakkehBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesEzekiel 7:8-9
576602/10/16How Not To Commit MurderBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:21-22
576502/07/16Beaten Up But Not Beaten DownBro. Clifford HurstActs 16:22-25
576402/07/16At The TableBro. Clifford HurstLuke 22:21
576302/03/16Not Let off The HookBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:17-20
576201/31/16BecomingBro. Clifford HurstDailyII Corinthians 3:18
576101/31/16Jehovah-SabaothBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesEzekiel 12:41
576001/27/16The Liberty That We needBro. Bryan McKelveyII Corinthians 3:12-17
575901/24/16Jehovah-ShammahBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesEzekiel 48:35
575801/20/16Which Side Of The Bushel?Bro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMathew 5:14-16
575701/17/16Bible Memory, WorshipBro. Clifford HurstDailyPsalms 23:1
575601/17/16Jehovah-RohiBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesPsalms 23:1
575501/13/16Salty SaltBro. Clifford HurstBeyond The BeatitudesMatthew 5:13
575401/11/16PrayerBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 86:1-4
575301/11/16JEHOVAH-TSIDKENUBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesJerimiah 23:5-6
575201/07/16Have You Believed Until It Hurts?Bro. Clifford HurstThe Blessed Life NowMatthew 5:10-12
575101/04/16DailyBro. Clifford HurstActs 2:40-42
575001/04/16Jehovah-ShalomBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesJudges 6:22-24
574912/31/15I Will Remember My CovenantBro. Mike BarkerGenesis 8:1
574812/27/15The People That Know Their GodBro. Clifford HurstDaniel 11:32
574712/27/15Jehovah-M'KaddeshBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesLeviticus 20:7-8
574612/23/15From The Crib To The Cross To The CrownBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:7
574412/20/15JesusBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesMatthew 1:18-25
574312/16/15PeacemakersBro. Clifford HurstYour Blessed Life NowMatthew 5:9
574212/13/15Talking About Tongues, Why Tongues?Bro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 14:5
574012/09/15A Lasting LoveBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 5:1-8
573912/06/15Born And Baptized By Holy SpiritBro. Clifford HurstJohn 3:5-8
573812/06/15DayspringBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesLuke 1:76-79
574112/03/15EmmanuelBro. Clifford HurstKnowing Jesus Through His NamesMatthew 1:18-23
573712/02/15If It's In Your Heart, Your Heart Is In ItBro. Clifford HurstYour Blessed Life NowMatthew 5:8
573611/29/15Standing AloneBro. Zane EstisActs 7:54-60
573511/29/15Jehovah-NissiBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesExodus 17:13-15
573311/22/15The Roto-Rooter MessageBro. Clifford HurstLuke 24:49
573211/22/15Jehovah-RaphaBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesExodus 15:22-26
573111/18/15I Love My BodyBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 12:1-10
573011/15/15From Couldn't To CanBro. Clifford HurstLuke 13:11-17
572911/15/15Jehovah-JirehBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesGenesis 22:7-8
572811/11/15Mercy: Do You Give It Like You Get It?Bro. Clifford HurstOur Blessed Life NowMatthew 5:7
572711/08/15Christ's Coming: An Attitude ChangerBro. Clifford HurstLuke 12:35-38
572611/08/15JehovahBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesExodus 3:13-15
572511/04/15Wanting More Of What FillsBro. Clifford HurstYour Blessed Life NowMatthew 5:6
572411/01/15Holy Spirit InvolvedBro. Clifford HurstActs 15:28
572311/01/15The Gospel And The Skinny MirrorBro. Clifford HurstGalatians 1:6-9
572210/25/15Oh, Let Me Not WanderBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 119:10
572110/25/15AdonaiBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesPsalms 8:1
572010/21/15Meek Not WeakBro. Clifford HurstYour Blessed Life NowMatthew 5:5
571910/18/15El ShaddaiBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesGenesis 17:1-2
571810/14/15Little Cloud, Great RainBro. Brad HoffmanI Kings 18:41-46
571710/11/15Facing Your GiantBro. Aaron MaggardI Samuel 17:4-10
571610/11/15ElohimBro. Clifford HurstKnowing God Through His NamesGenesis 1:1
571510/07/15There's Freedom In ForgivenessBro. Zane EstisFall Revival 2015Matthew 6:9-15
571410/06/15A Foe Called FleshBro. Zane EstisFall Revival 2015Exodus 17:8-10
571310/05/15PrayerBro. Zane EstisFall Revival 2015Matthew 7:7-11
571210/04/15Who God Looks For In Times Like TheseBro. Zane EstisFall Revival 2015Judges 6:11-14
571110/04/15The Shepherd And The SheepBro. Zane EstisFall Revival 2015I Peter 5:1-4
571009/30/15The "If And Thens" Of RevivalBro. Bryan McKelveyII Chronicles 7:11-15
570909/27/15The Spirit Behind The ScenesBro. Clifford HurstActs 3:1-6
570809/27/15SealedBro. Clifford HurstSpiritual BlessingsEphesians 1:3
570709/23/15Comfort For The CryingBro. Clifford HurstYour Blessed Life NowMatthew 5:4
570609/20/15Church As It Should BeBro. Clifford HurstActs 2:6
570509/20/15An InheritanceBro. Clifford HurstSpiritual BlessingsEphesians 1:3
570409/16/15Giving Back What Was Always HisBro. Bryan McKelveyMalachi 3:8-12
570309/13/15When God Balances The BooksBro. Michael PetitII Corinthians 5:10
570209/13/15There's A PlanBro. Clifford HurstSpiritual BlessingsEphesians 4:8-10
569909/06/15We Still Have This ReportBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 53:1-6
569808/30/15Where Is The Fire?Bro. Michael WaltersI Kings 18:36-39
569708/30/15Finding SecurityBro. Ralph HeathMatthew 6:19-34
569608/26/15The Comforter That ComfortsBro. Clifford HurstII Corinthians 1:3-4
569508/23/15Baptism Tells ItBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 5:18-20
569408/23/15ForgivenessBro. Clifford HurstSpiritual BlessingsEphesians 1:7
569308/19/15Blessed If You Don'tBro. Clifford HurstYour Blessed Life Now #1Psalms 1:1
569208/16/15What Hunger Will DoBro. Clifford HurstActs 2:1
569108/16/15Two TrainsBro. Clifford HurstSpiritual BlessingsEphesians 1:3
569008/12/15These Finished The RaceBro. Bryan McKelveyHebrews 11:13-17
568908/09/15On The Brink Of RevivalBro. Kenneth CrewsPsalms 85:6
568808/09/15ChosenBro. Clifford HurstSpiritual BlessingsEphesians 1:4
568708/05/15His Word In Our HeartsBro. Bryan McKelveyJohn 1:1-4
568608/02/15Hate Sin, Love The Sinner. How?Bro. Clifford HurstRomans 5:8
568507/29/15Lot And The AngelsBro. Bryan McKelveyGenesis 18
568407/26/15To The Praise Of His GloryBro. Clifford HurstSpiritual BlessingsEphesians 1:3
568307/22/15More Than You Can HandleBro. Clifford HurstAbused and Misused ScripturesI Corinthians 10:13
568207/19/15Being The Light We Ought To BeBro. Phil RojakIsaiah 49:1-7
568107/19/15The Bible Is A Reliable Guide: How Should We LiveBro. Clifford HurstII Peter 3:10-11
568007/12/15Where The Dove LandsBro. Clifford HurstJohn 1:32-34
567907/08/15Can You Customize Your Salvation?Bro. Clifford HurstPhilippians 2:12
567807/05/15WorshipBro. Clifford HurstJohn 4:23
567707/05/15On The Other Side Of Your CrossBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 12:1-4
567607/01/15Keeping ItBro. Clifford HurstPhilippians 3:7-8
567506/28/15What's Going To Happen To America?Bro. Clifford HurstPsalms 9:17
567406/21/15No Shame In Being ShammahBro. Clifford HurstII Samuel 22:11-12
567306/21/15When God Comes Looking For A ManBro. Clifford HurstGenesis 3:9
567206/17/15My Prayer For Our YouthBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 10:1-4
567106/14/15The God Who Sets You FreeBro. Dustin WrightIsaiah 61:1-11
567006/14/15The Other 1/2 Of GraceBro. Clifford HurstTitus 2:11-13
566906/10/15In The Heat Of The BattleBro. Rick CrewsII Timothy 3:1
566806/07/15Let The Spirit Come On YouBro. Clifford HurstJudges 14:5-6
566706/07/15At The CrossBro. Clifford HurstJohn 19:17-18
566606/03/15Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining... Really?Bro. Clifford HurstAbused and Misused ScripturesRomans 8:28
566505/31/15The Evidence Of The Spirit At WorkBro. Clifford HurstGalatians 5:22-25
566405/31/15The Bible Is A Reliable Guide To... The RaptureBro. Clifford HurstI Thessalonians 4:16-17
566305/27/15When The Summer EndsBro. Clifford HurstJeremiah 8:20
566205/24/15Above Average GratitudeBro. Josh RitchieLuke 17:11-19
566105/24/15The Unexpectedness Of His ComingBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 24:33
566005/20/15How To Be Superman (or Superwoman)Bro. Clifford HurstAbused and Misused ScripturesPhilippians 4:13
565905/17/15It Shall Be WellBro. Bryan McKelveyI Kings 4:8-37
565805/17/15Target On Your BackBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 22:31-32
565705/13/15What Did Hinder You?Bro. Aaron MaggardI Corinthians 9:24-27
565605/10/15Sisters In The LordSis. Devonna Rose
565505/10/15A Mother In IsraelBro. Clifford HurstJudges 5:7
565305/03/15The Answer To The FleshBro. Clifford HurstThe Need Of The SpiritGalatians 5:16
565205/03/15I Believe In The BloodBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 10:29
565104/29/15The GiftBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 3:23
565004/26/15Power For The PressureBro. Clifford HurstThe Need Of The SpiritLuke 24:49
564904/26/15A Reliable Guide To The Future>The Day Of The LordBro. Clifford HurstI Thessalonians 5:1-3
564804/22/15Getting God To Give You What You WantBro. Clifford HurstAbused and Misused ScripturesPsalms 37:4
564704/19/15That TableBro. Shawn McDanielPsalms 23:1-6
564604/19/15A reliable Guide To The FutureBro. Clifford HurstRevelation 1:19
564504/15/15It Rains On The Just And UnjustBro. Clifford HurstAbused and Misused ScripturesMatthew 5:45
564404/12/15The Church In The WildernessBro. Clifford HurstActs 7:38
564304/12/15Back To The Bible>>The Reliable GuideBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 119:105
564204/08/15God Only Looks At The HeartBro. Clifford HurstScriptures Abused And MisusedI Samuel 16:6-7
564104/05/15Church On Easter Evening: Why You Should GoBro. Clifford HurstJohn 20:19-22
564004/05/15God Still Moves StonesBro. Clifford HurstMark 16:2-4
563904/01/15Let UsBro. Bryan McKelveyHebrews 4:1
563803/29/15Talking About The TenthBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 7:1-2
563703/29/15Last WordsBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 27:50
563603/25/15God's Plan For YouBro. Clifford HurstScriptures Abused And MisusedJeremiah 29:11
563503/22/15Faithful For A PurposeBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 10:25
563403/22/15How Far Into The Garden?Bro. Clifford HurstMatthew 26:38-39
563303/18/15Judge NotBro. Clifford HurstScriptures Abused And MisusedII Peter 3:16
563203/15/15Committed To The ChurchBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 5:25
563103/15/15Last MealBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 2:9, 15
563003/11/15Three Assurances And A WarningBro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 5:18-21
562903/08/15Keeping What You GotBro. Scott CarperRevelation 3:14-20
562803/08/15Like The DonkeyBro. Clifford HurstMark 11:1-4
562703/04/15Prayer And "The Sin Unto Death"Bro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 5:14-17
562603/01/15Two Timing At Two TablesBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 10:12
562302/25/15Being Filled With The FireBro. Bryan McKelveyActs 1:4-8
562202/22/15The Need For Winter Warm-UpBro. Bryan McKelveyMathhew 24:6-14
562102/22/15Jesus Stands StillBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 10:48-49
562002/18/15You Can Know That You KnowBro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 5:13-15
561902/15/15The Only Answer To The EvilBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 59:19
561802/15/15Jesus Helps UnbeliefBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 9:14-29
561702/11/15Do You Got A Witness?Bro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 5:6-12
561602/08/15Turns in The TempleBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 3:16-17
561502/08/15Fight For Your FamilyBro. Reggie DowdyNehemiah 4:14
561402/04/15Our Faith Is NikeBro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 5:1-5
561302/01/15How God HurtsBro. Clifford HurstJohn 3:16
561201/28/15The Fruit Is Worth The FightBro. Phillip HoskinsNumbers 13:1
561101/25/15Examine Your EmotionsBro. Clifford HurstJames 5:16-17
561001/25/15Jesus Gives A Second TouchBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 8:25
560901/21/15Love Doesn't LieBro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 4:7-21
560801/18/15What On Earth Are You In The Church For?Bro. Clifford HurstYour GiftRomans 12:4-6
560701/18/15Jesus Puts His Finger on ItBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 7:32-33
560601/14/15Discerning The Demon Behind The DoctrineBro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 4:1-6
560501/11/15What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part XBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
560401/11/15Jesus Will Put You In Your PlaceBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 7:27-28
560201/04/15"I'll Do A New Thing" --GodBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 43:19
560101/04/15The New CupBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 26:26-28
560012/31/14Burning WithinBro. Clifford HurstLuke 24:32
559912/28/14Born For AdversityBro. Ralph HeathHebrews 2:1-18
559812/28/14Where Art Thou?Bro. Rick CrewsI Corinthians 15:45-47
559612/21/14The Meeting At The MangerBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:7-8
559512/17/14The Light Of ChristmasBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 2:25-32
559412/14/14The Spirit At ChristmasBro. Clifford HurstLuke 1:15
559312/14/14He Became That We Might BecomeBro. Clifford HurstJohn 1:1
559212/10/14More Of GodBro. Bryan McKelveyPsalms 42:1-2
559112/07/14'ACKS' That Will Take You BackBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 10:38-39
559012/07/14The Star And The Birth Of The LambBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 2:1-2
558912/03/14The Character Of The Children Of GodBro. Clifford HurstI JohnI John 3:4-10
558811/30/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part IXBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
558711/30/14His ChurchBro. Bryan McKelveyMathhew 16:13-19
558611/25/14Thanksgiving ServiceBro. Clifford Hurst
558511/23/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part VIIIBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
558411/23/14Jesus Steps On ItBro. Clifford HurstThe Jesus' ResponseMark 6:47-48
558311/19/14Choosing To be A DiscipleBro. Bryan McKelveyMatthew 16:24-26
558211/16/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part VIIBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
558111/16/14Jesus: "You Need Go Nowhere Else"Bro. Clifford HurstThe Jesus' ReponseMark 6:35-36
558011/12/14The Character Of The Children of GodBro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John Part#9I John 2:29
557911/09/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part VIBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
557811/09/14JESUS: It's Not Over When It's OverBro. Clifford HurstThe Jesus' ResponseMark 5:35-36
557711/05/14Security Against SeducersBro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John Part #8I John 2:18-29
557611/02/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part VBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
557511/02/14Consider The CrossBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 12:2-4
557410/26/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part IVBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
557310/26/14Jesus Releases Power To Faith #8Bro. Clifford HurstThe Jesus' Response Mark 5:27-28
557210/22/14Safety From The Sure SeducersBro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of John Part #7I John 2:18-19
557110/19/14The Main AttractionBro. Rocky MilsapExodus 3:1-6
557010/19/14Jesus Works Inside OutBro. Clifford HurstThe Jesus ResponseMark 5:1-3
556910/15/14From Pit To PalaceBro. Rick CrewsI Corinthians 10:13
556810/12/14God Has ProvidedBro. Bryan McKelveyGenesis 22:1-8
556710/12/14Jesus Seems Not To Care...ThenBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 4:35-41
556610/08/14You Might Be A Christian If.... Part 3Bro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John #6I John 2:12-15
556510/05/14The Culture Of OpennessBro. Harvey MartinZachariah 7:11
556410/01/14You Might Be A Christian If... Part IIBro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John #5I John 2:7-14
556309/28/14Trouble Does Not Have To Trouble YouBro. David TrawickPsalms 56:1-4
556209/28/14Jesus And The Human EquationBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 3:1-6
556109/24/14You Might Be A Christian If... #4Bro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John #4I John 2:3-6
556009/21/14The Grace Of GodBro. Clifford HurstTitus 2:11-13
555909/21/14Jesus Sees The Deeper NeedBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 2:1-4
555809/20/14Outreach From God's PerspectiveBro. James MartinMatthew 23:15
555709/19/14It Is ExpedientBro. James MartinJohn 16:7-16
555609/18/14The Middleman's JoyBro. James MartinLuke 11:1-13
555509/17/14What To Do When You Don't Know What To DoBro. James MartinII Chronicles 20:12
555409/16/14Freedom Through ForgivenessBro. James MartinPsalms 32:1
555209/14/14Is Anything To Hard For The Lord?Bro. James MartinGenesis 18:14
555109/14/14The Return To Our First LoveBro. James MartinRevelation 2:1-7
555009/10/14The Little Christian That CouldBro. Joseph MartinRevelation 3:7-8
554909/07/14The RE In RevivalBro. Clifford HurstII Timothy 1:6
554809/07/14Jesus Touches The UntouchableBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 1:40-45
554709/03/14Don't Sin , But If You Do...Bro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John #3I John 1:6
554608/31/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part IIIBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
554508/31/14Jesus Lifted The One Who CameBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 1:29-34
554408/27/14JealousyBro. Jacob BegleyGenesis 37:1-8
554308/24/14Jesus Spoke To The NeedBro. Clifford HurstThe 'Jesus' ResponseMark 1:21-28
554208/20/14Pseudo-Christians Or Photo-ChristiansBro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John #2I John 1:5
554108/17/14The Last Word From The Last BookBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 22:17-21
554008/13/14For The Joy Of The Lord Is Your StrengthBro. Bryan McKelveyNehemiah 8:10
553908/10/14When God Shuts The Lions MouthBro. Joe SerdaII Timothy 4:7-8
553808/10/14The Book Is True And The End Is NearBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 22:6-9
553708/06/14Jesus Is For RealBro. Clifford HurstThe Epistle Of I John #1I John 1:1-4
553608/03/14What On Earth Are You In The Church For? Part IIBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
553508/03/14What Love!Bro. Clifford HurstI John 3:1
553407/30/14Retrain The BrainBro. Clifford HurstRomans 12:2
553307/27/14What on Earth Are You To Do In The Church? Part IBro. Clifford HurstYour GiftI Peter 4:10
553207/27/14Back To The GardenBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 22:1-5
553107/23/14Acts In Sierra LeoneBro. Ralph HeathActs 28:30-31
553007/20/14GrowBro. Clifford HurstII Peter 3:17-18
552907/20/14Let Your Children Tell Their ChildrenBro. Clifford HurstJoel 1:1
552807/16/14Don't Be Fooled, Be FilledBro. Mike BlueCamp Dove 2014Ephesians 5:18
552707/14/14The Battle With The BeesBro. Mike BlueCamp Dove 2014Deuteronomy 1:44
552607/13/14Run For Your LifeBro. Mike BlueCamp Dove 2014Numbers 35:6
552507/13/14A Sick Soul SavedBro. Mike BlueMark 5:25-35
552407/09/14Winning With The WordBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 119:11
552307/06/14Coming Out, Looking BackBro. Rick CrewsLuke 17:29-32
552207/06/14Getting Your Second WindBro. Bryan McKelveyEphesians 6:10-12
552107/02/14Pray For Camp DoveBro. Bryan McKelvey
552006/29/14IndebtedBro. Clifford HurstRomans 1:14
551906/22/14Am I Really Saved?Bro. Clifford HurstLuke 6:44
551806/22/14I'm Going To A CityBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 21:10
551706/18/14Ye Shall Seek Me And Find MeBro. Bryan McKelveyJeremiah 29:11
551606/15/14Men In Worship ServiceBro. Sam NorvellJohn 1:1
551506/15/14Hugged, As Only A Father CanBro. Clifford HurstLuke 15:20
551406/11/14Which Way Are You Looking?Bro. Michael WaltersMatthew 6:22-24
551306/08/14A New Place for The New PeopleBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 21:5
551206/04/14The Smoke From Your CenserBro. Aaron MaggardLeviticus 10:1-3
551005/28/14What Happened?Bro. Bryan McKelveyGalatians 5:1-7
550905/25/14When Salt Is SaltyBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 5:13
550805/25/14The Great White Throne JudgementBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationDaniel 7:9-10
550705/21/14If It's Not Broken Don't Fix ItBro. Brad HoffmanJohn 14:1-7
550605/18/14Stories From HaitiBro. David LLoydJames 4:7
550405/14/14Be Firm And Don't FailBro. Cecil RoseIsaiah 43:1-4
550305/11/14Crazy LoveSis. Mary CrewsJohn 15:13
550205/11/14For Mother's With A Sword In Their HeartsBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:34-35
550505/08/14When Satan Is BoundBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 20:1-3
550005/04/14Won By The Word Of The WarriorBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 19:11-13
549904/30/14Every Praise Unto Our GodBro. Ronnie DalePsalms 100:1-5
549804/27/14Cripples At CarmelBro. Clifford HurstI Kings 18:21-40
549704/27/14Let Us Be Glad And Rejoice: It's Wedding TimeBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 19:7-10
549604/23/14Clean Hands And A Pure HeartBro. Bryan McKelveyPsalms 24:1-5
549504/20/14He Will Roll The Stone AwayBro. Clifford HurstMark 16:1-4
549404/16/14In The Arena Of FaithBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 12
549304/13/14Nearly EmptyBro. Clifford HurstI Kings 17:8-16
549204/13/14The Path Of His PassionBro. Clifford HurstActs 1:3
549104/09/14Hang In ThereBro. Bryan McKelveyExodus 17:8-16
549004/06/14Come Out Before It Comes DownBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 18:7-8
548904/02/14Your Faith GeneologyBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11
548703/30/14The Harlot Beauty And The Horrible Beast Part IIBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 17:7-18
548603/26/14Take A StandBro. Jacob BegleyMark 8:43-48
548503/23/14The Blood Still WorksBro. Rick CrewsHebrews 9:12-22
548403/23/14The Harlot Beauty And The Horrible BeastBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 17:3-4
548303/19/14The Other Side Of The Hall Of FaithBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11:6
548203/16/14Watch God WorkBro. Clifford HurstExodus 14:13
548103/16/14The Bowls Bottoms UpBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 16
548003/12/14Faith That Makes You DifferentBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11
547903/09/14What To Do With Those ThoughtsBro. Clifford HurstII Corinthians 10:4-5
547803/09/14Isn't There Any?Bro. Clifford HurstPhilippians 2:1-5
547703/05/14Be Ye SteadfastBro. Bryan McKelveyI Corinthians 15:57-58
547603/02/14The Keeping PlaceBro. Clifford HurstJohn 10:1-2
547502/26/14Youth ServiceVarious
547302/23/14Success =Bro. Jerid DavisMatthew 7:20-23
546802/16/14God's People Always Have A SongBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 15:1-8
546702/12/14An Exhortation To Personal PraiseBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 17:11-19
546602/09/14Getting The Ground BackBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 4:27
546502/09/14The Great Winepress Of God's WrathBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 14:19
546402/05/14Faith To Make Walls FallBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11:6
546302/02/14Resist The WreckerBro. Clifford HurstJames 4:7
546202/02/14Accepted In The BelovedBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 1:6
546101/29/14Repairing The AlterBro. Bryan McKelveyI Kings 18:30-32
546001/26/14Those With The Other MarkBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 14:1-5
545901/22/14Faith To Stay FreeBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11
545801/19/14Unity And Peace In The HomeBro. Bryan McKelveyEccesiastes 4:9-12
545701/19/14The Unholy Trinity-The False Prophet Is SpeakingBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 13:11-18
545601/15/14Faith To ChooseBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11:6
545501/12/14The Point Of PowerBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 63:1-2
545401/12/14The Unholy Trinity-The Antichrist Is ComingBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 13:1-8
545301/08/14Faith For The FutureBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11:6
545201/05/14The Power And Glory Of His PresenceBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 63:1-2
545101/05/14You Need To EatBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 26:20-30
545012/31/13Watch Night ServiceVarious
544912/29/13Soul LiftBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 118:28
544812/29/13It's A Sure ThingBro. Clifford HurstPhilippians 1:6
544612/22/13They Brought NothingBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:7-14
544512/18/13Just The People ThereBro. Clifford HurstLuke 1:8
544412/15/13Why The Golden Rule Is GoldenBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 7:12
544312/15/13The Desire Of The NationsBro. Clifford HurstHaggai 2:7
544212/11/13The Marvel Of ChristmasBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 2:1-20
544112/08/13For Those Sitting In DarknessBro. Clifford HurstLuke 1:78-79
544012/04/13Faith In CrisisBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11:17
543912/01/13EucharistBro. Clifford HurstColossians 1:12-14
543811/26/13Don't Forget-Say, Thank YouBro. Clifford HurstII Peter 1:5-9
543711/24/13Discouragement DestroyedBro. Tim LauritoPsalms 12:1-8
543611/24/13The Cosmic ConflictBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 12:7-8
543511/20/13ABC's Of Sliding Or StayingBro. Bryan McKelveyJohn 6:64
543411/17/13Stay Put In The Love Of GodBro. Clifford HurstRomans 8:35-39
543311/17/13Regime ChangeBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 11:15
543211/13/13Faith Will LaughBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11
543111/10/13LUI (Living Under The Influence)Bro. Clifford HurstEphesians 5:18
543011/10/13When Truth TormentsBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 11:3-10
542911/06/13Faith Says YesBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11
542811/03/13To Rejoice Is A ChoiceBro. Clifford HurstDeuteronomy 16:11
542711/03/13Time Will Run OutBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 10:1-7
542610/30/13Faith In Your WalkBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11:16
542510/27/13Something Better Than BethesdaBro. David BrimmJohn 5:2-9
542410/27/13Pastor Appreciation 2013Bro. David BrimmI Thessalonians 5:12
542310/20/13When Is The When?Bro. Clifford HurstGenesis 4:26
542210/20/13Thee Bottomless Pit UnlockedBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 9:2-21
542110/16/13IfBro. Aaron MaggardActs 26:24-32
542010/13/13Come, Learn, RestBro. Bryan McKelveyMatthew 11:28-30
541910/13/13Something's About To HappenBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 8:1
541810/09/13The Mega MysteryBro. Ralph HeathEphesians 5:31-32
541710/06/13Love Each OtherBro. Bryan McKelveyI John 4:7-11
541610/06/13Love Has It CoveredBro. Clifford HurstI Peter 4:7-8
541510/02/13Make Faith The FoundationBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 11:1
541409/29/13Not A Flash MobBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 7:9
541309/25/13Shake It OffBro. Jacob BegleyActs 28:3-5
541109/22/13Having HopeBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 2:12
541009/18/13Divine Appointment & DesireBro. Clifford Hurst
540909/15/13Wonder And WitnessBro. Clifford HurstJohn 9
540809/15/13Under The Alter Or Under The RocksBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 6:9-17
540709/11/13A Faith That PleasesBro. Clifford HurstMaking It Into The Hall Of FaithHebrews 6
540609/08/13A Spouse To Serve God WithBro. Todd SloggettJudges 21:20-21
540509/08/13Hear The Hooves Of The HorsesBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 6:1-8
540409/04/13There's RoomBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 14:15-23
540309/01/13Winning Friends And FamilyBro. Clifford Hurst
540209/01/13OwnedBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 6:19-20
540108/28/13God Of A Second ChanceBro. Bryan McKelveyPsalms 61:1-3
540008/25/13The Spirit Helps, But We Should...Bro. Clifford HurstRomans 8:26
539908/25/13Who Is Worthy?Bro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 5:1-14
539808/21/13I'm On A JourneyBro. Cecil RoseActs 12:1-8
539708/18/13The Spirit HelpsBro. Clifford HurstRomans 8:26
539608/18/13The ThroneBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 4:1-11
539508/14/13Jesus Is Praying For YouSis. Judy DaleHebrews 8:1-2
539408/11/13Now Faith Is...Bro. Doug SpencerHebrews 11:1
539308/11/13Take Your TemperatureBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 3:14-18
539208/07/13The Master MasonBro. Aaron MaggardMatthew 16
539108/04/13We Walk By FaithBro. Clifford HurstII Corinthians 5:7
539008/04/13Cross OppositeBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 1:17
538907/31/13Homes That Hit The MarkBro. Zane EstisPsalms 127:1-5
538807/28/13The Keepers Are KeptBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 3:7-13
538707/24/13Are You Prepared To Fight?Bro. Ronnie DaleI Samuel 17:1
538607/21/13A Window Of OpportunityBro. Mike StephensLuke 19:2-10
538507/21/13The Name But No GameBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 3:1-6
538407/17/13Friends, Go Up Higher!Bro. Mike BlueCamp Dove 2013Luke 14:7-11
538307/16/13Pulling Them Out of The FireBro. Mike BlueCamp Dove 2013Jude 1:21-23
538207/14/13Emptied OutBro. Mike BlueCamp Dove 2013Nahum 2:1-2
538107/14/13The Three Cheers Of ChristBro. Mike BlueMatthew 9:2
538007/10/13So, What If I Quit?Bro. Brad HoffmanI Samuel 17:1
537907/07/13How Will You Eat The Bread?Bro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 11:23-30
537807/03/13What's In Your Hand?Bro. Jerid DavisExodus 4:1-5
537706/30/13Freedom Service 2013Bro. Clifford Hurst
537606/30/13The LiberatorBro. Clifford HurstLuke 4:17-21
537506/23/13You Can Make A DifferenceBro. Clifford HurstMark 2:1-5
537406/23/13Roll Away The StoneBro. Clifford HurstJohn 11:35
537306/19/13Feeling Our Way To HellBro. Rick CrewsII Timothy 3:1-9
537206/16/13Honoring DadBro. Ralph HeathGenesis 2:24
537106/16/13Generational ImpactBro. Clifford HurstExodus 34:6-7
537006/12/13Streams In The DesertBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 35:6
536906/09/13Where Is Your Trust?Bro. Kenneth CrewsPsalms 109:12-13
536806/09/13Hold On To What You HaveBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 2:18-29
536706/05/13Signs Shall Follow ThemSis. Joy BrockMark 16:9
536606/02/13Climbing The MountainBro. Clifford HurstExodus 24:17
536506/02/13Live It Wherever You LiveBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 2:12-17
536405/29/13Being Found FaithfulBro. Bryan McKelveyI Corinthians 4:2
536305/26/13The Change When Jesus ComesBro. Clifford HurstLuke 8:35
536205/26/13Winners Not WimpsBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 2:8-11
536105/22/13We Are Holiness: Why We Need ItBro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
536005/19/13DetourSis Jennifer NormanNumbers 21:4-9
535905/15/13We Are Holiness: Lifestyle, AssociationBro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
535805/12/13Our Life Is Like A QuiltSis Pat NorvellEphesians 2:10
535705/12/13What's Wrong, Mom?Bro. Clifford HurstGenesis 21:17
535505/08/13We Are Holiness: Lifestyle, OrnamentationBro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
535405/05/13Not Willing That Any Should PerishBro. Clifford HurstII Peter 3:9
535305/05/13Love Like You Used To DoBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 2:1-7
535205/01/13We Are Holiness: Lifestyle, Modesty Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
535104/28/13God Sends A Ladder DownBro. Clifford HurstGenesis 28:10-17
535004/28/13The Revelator RevealedBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 1:4-20
534804/21/13Turning The World Upside DownBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 17:1-34
534704/21/13The UnveilingBro. Clifford HurstThe RevelationRevelation 1:1-4
534604/17/13We Are Holiness: Lifestyle Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
534504/14/13Does Hell Know Who You Are?Bro. Rick CrewsActs 19:13-19
534404/14/13Heaven Is...Bro. Bryan McKelveyHebrews 11:8-10
534304/10/13Our WordsBro. Bryan McKelveyJames 3:1-12
534204/07/13Together The TempleBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 3:16
534104/07/13What Manner Of LoveBro. Clifford HurstI John 3:1
534004/03/13A Beast Called BitternessBro. Zane EstisHebrews 12:14-15
533903/31/13A Grave In The GardenBro. Clifford HurstJohn 19:40-42
533803/27/13Gleaning From The GardenBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 22:39-42
533703/24/13Purple, Python, Prison And PraiseBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 16:12-34
533603/24/13The Promise Of His Coming BackBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodActs 1:9-11
533503/20/13We Are Holiness: Pursuit of Holiness Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
533403/17/13Really SavedBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 15:1-32
533303/17/13The Promise Of Power For The PressureBro. Clifford HurstPromise Of GodActs 1:4-5
533203/10/13DOA: Dead On ArrivalBro. David JohnstonJohn 11:14
533103/10/13The Promise Of A PlaceBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodJohn 14:1-3
533003/06/13We Are Holiness: Experience of Holiness Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
532903/03/13Never BeforeBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 14:1-20
532803/03/13Cross GloryingBro. Clifford HurstGalatians 6:14
532702/27/13The Truth And The Lies Of 'YOLO'Bro. Bryan McKelveyJames 4:14
532602/24/13Beyond The BorderBro. Clifford HurstJoshua 1:1-3
532502/24/13The Promise Of An AnswerBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodLuke 11:9-13
532402/23/13I Want To Be WeirdBro. Jeremy SpurlockWinter Warm-Up 2013I Peter 2:9
532302/22/13What Are You Doing To Yourself?Bro. Jeremy SpurlockWinter Warm-Up 2013Jeremiah 2:17-22
532202/20/13Back From The Brink, Back From The WildernessBro. Clifford HurstRevival 2013Hebrews 3:17-19
532102/18/13Not A CarcassBro. Clifford HurstRevival 2013Hebrews 3:15-19
532002/17/13Launch Out!Bro. Bryan McKelveyRevival 2013Luke 5:1-11
531902/17/13Someone Do It For EverybodyBro. Clifford HurstRevival 2013I Samuel 17:4-9
531802/13/13We Are Holiness: Doctrine of Holiness Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
531702/10/13Face It FilledBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 13:9
531602/10/13The Promise Of Everlasting LifeBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodJohn 3:16
531502/06/13We Are Holiness: Nature of Holiness Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
531402/03/13It's Nailed To The CrossBro. Clifford HurstColossians 2:13-15
531301/30/13You Cannot Serve God And ...Bro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 16:13
531201/28/13The Power Of PrayerBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 12:1-19
531101/28/13The Promise Of The Blood CleansingBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodI John 1:6-10
531001/23/13We Are Holiness: Introduction Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
530901/20/13Watch For The LionBro. Clifford HurstWatch!I Peter 5:8-9
530801/20/13The Promise Of Power In WeaknessBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodII Corinthians 12:7-10
530701/16/13We Are Trinitarian Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
530601/13/13Watch: Things To Watch Out ForBro. Clifford HurstWatch!I Thessalonians 5:1-6
530501/13/13The Promise Of The Moved MountainBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodMark 11:20-24
530401/09/13We Are Classical Not Charismatic Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
530301/06/13The Promise Of RestBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodMatthew 11:28-30
530212/31/12WatchBro. Clifford HurstWatch!Matthew 24:42-44
530112/30/12Fall On UsBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 10:1-47
530012/30/12The Promise Of A New ThingBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodIsaiah 43:18-19
529912/23/12Christmas Presentation
529812/23/12Departing A Different WayBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 22:1
529712/19/12Making The Best Life From A Stressed LifeBro. Zane EstisIsaiah 40:28-31
529612/16/12The Lord Is The LifterBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 9:32-41
529512/16/12The Promise Of The ChildBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodIsaiah 7:14
529412/12/12Fruit Of The SpiritBro. Bryan McKelveyGalatians 5:18
529312/10/12Suddenly!Bro. Clifford HurstActsActs 9:1-25
529212/09/12The Promise Of The MessiahBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodJohn 4:25
529112/05/12We Are Pentecostal: The Baptism; Biblical? Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
529012/02/12The Promise Of The LambBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodGenesis 22:8
528911/28/12We Are Pentecostal: The Baptism; At Salvation? Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
528811/25/12There's MoreBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 8:1-25
528711/25/12The Promise Of The PayoffBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodGalatians 6:9
528611/20/12Serve The Lord With GladnessBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 100:1-5
528511/18/12The Promise Of Getting CloserBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodJames 4:8
528411/14/12We Are Pentecostal: The Baptism Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
528311/11/12What Are You Full Of?Bro. Clifford HurstActsActs 6:3
528211/11/12The Promise Of A Fleeing DevilBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodJames 4:7
528111/07/12We Are Pentecostal Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
528011/04/12Making Your Intentions KnownBro. Clifford HurstActsActs 5:28
527911/04/12The Promise Of The Answered CallBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodActs 2:21
527810/31/12We Are Monochristianprotestantevangelical... Bro. Clifford HurstWho Are We?
527710/28/12Just Right For The JobBro. Matt JonesJeremiah 3:15
527610/21/12The Unexpected CrossBro. Benny TorbertLuke 23:26-33
527510/21/12The Promise Of EscapeBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodI Corinthians 10:13
527410/17/12Some Musings on Pastor's and CongregationsBro. Ralph HeathEphesians 4:11
527310/14/12We Are going To Make ItBro. Bryan McKelveyI Corinthians 15:57-58
527210/14/12The Promise Of Never AloneBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodHebrews 13:5
527110/10/12IOS UPDATEBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 51:10-12
527010/07/12The Cross Is The ConjunctionBro. Clifford HurstRomans 6:23
526910/03/12Of Failures And FollowersBro. Bryan MckelveyJohn 21:1-21
526809/30/12Living In LoveBro. Bryan McKelveyI John 4:9-21
526709/30/12The Promise Of A PlanBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodJeremiah 29:11
526609/26/12A Table Of TriumphBro. Tim LauritoPsalms 23:1-6
526509/23/12Missionary ServiceSis. Ann Buening
526409/23/12My God Shall SupplyBro. Clifford HurstPhilippians 4:19
541209/22/12Why Cripples Can ComeBro. Clifford HurstLeviticus 21:12-23
526309/19/12A Life Worth Dying ForBro. Clifford HurstGalatians 2:20
526209/16/12Down Into and Up Out Of The WaterBro. Clifford HurstThe ActsActs 8:26-39
526109/16/12The Real Promise In Romans 8:28Bro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodRomans 8:28
526009/12/12The Primary QuestionBro. Bill Norvell
525909/09/12Lying And Dying In The ChurchBro. Clifford HurstThe ActsActs 4:32-37
525809/09/12The Promise Of ThroughBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodIsaiah 43:1-5
525709/05/12Broken Psalms And Backslidden SoulsBro. Zane EstisPsalms 137:1-4
525609/02/12Filled To Face ItBro. Clifford HurstThe ActsActs 4:1-31
525509/02/12He Died To DeliverBro. Clifford HurstGalatians 1:3
525408/29/12A Minor Character, A Major ImpactBro. Micah PerryI Samuel 14
525308/26/12The God I ServeBro. Ryan McKelveyJohn 5:1-9
525208/26/12The Wait Brings The WingsBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodNumbers 23:19
525108/22/12No Silver MedalsBro. Aaron Maggard I Corinthians 9:24-27
525008/19/12What Did Peter Have?Bro. Clifford HurstThe ActsActs 3:1-26
524908/15/12Worry-Why?Bro. Jason McKelveyPsalms 23:1
524808/12/12ConvertedBro. Clifford HurstThe ActsActs 2:37-41
524708/12/12Your Battle Is Not Your BattleBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodNumbers 23:19
524608/08/12Pray ThroughSis. Judy DaleHosea 10:12
524508/05/12It's For These DaysBro. Clifford HurstThe ActsActs 2
524408/05/12Dining At His TableBro. Clifford HurstLuke 22:11
524308/01/12Finders KeepersBro. Bryan McKelveyIsaiah 55:6-7
524207/29/12Going And Coming, Up And downBro. Clifford HurstThe ActsActs 1:1-14
524107/29/12Living Within The Parameters Of God's PromisesBro. Clifford HurstPromises Of GodNumbers 23:19
524007/25/12The Spiritual SlumpBro. Clifford HurstPhilippians 3:13
523907/22/12The Biggest Thing About SatanBro. Clifford HurstJohn 8:44
523807/22/12The Other KingdomBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 12:26
523707/15/12Revival In The GraveyardBro. Mike BlueJohn 11:4
523607/11/12As In The Days Of NoahBro. Cecil RoseMatthew 24:1
523507/08/12Defeating DiscouragementBro. Bryan McKelveyI Samuel 30:1-6
523407/08/12Christ In MeBro. Bryan McKelveyGalatians 2:20
523307/04/12Fight And FreedomBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 6:12
523107/01/12A Lifetime Of BondageBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 2:14-15
523006/24/12Ready?Bro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 25:1-13
522806/17/12It Is About MeBro. Clifford HurstJoshua 24:15
522706/17/12Quit You Like MenBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 16:13
522606/13/12The Love Of God Toward MenBro. Dale LightnerGenesis 1
522506/10/12Live The DifferenceBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsMark 5:1-8
522406/10/12The ReportBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 53:1-12
522306/06/12There's Always HopeBro. Jacob HillenHebrews 11:32-40
522206/03/12Keep Watching!Bro. Bryan McKelveyMatthew 24:32-56
522106/03/12Developing A Soldier MentalityBro. Reggie DowdyII Timothy 2:3-4
522005/30/12Meat For The MultitudesBro. Brad HoffmanJohn 6:1-13
521905/27/12Winning Through WitnessingBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsActs 1:8
521805/27/12Don't Shoot The MessengerBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 21:33-46
521705/23/12Stopping Satan's AdvantageBro. Ralph HeathII Corinthians 2:11
521605/20/12Why Tithing Is Good For YouBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsMatthew 23:23
521505/20/12Will You Or Will You Not?Bro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 21:28-32
521405/16/12Do Christians Have Doubts?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
521305/13/12A Mother's ReflectionsSis. Becky HeathMatthew 15:21-28
521205/13/12A God With A Mother's MemoryBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 49:14-16
521105/09/12Are All Gods The Same God?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
521005/06/12Tearing Down The Stronghold Of FearBro. Jamie BurrEphesians 6:12
520905/06/12Keep StandingBro. Bryan McKelveyEphesians 6:10-19
520805/02/12Looking The Part, But Lacking The HeartBro. Aaron MaggardI Samuel 16:1-7
520704/29/12Ministering SpiritsBro. Mike PenningtonHebrews 1:1-14
520604/29/12OccupyBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 19:11-28
520504/25/12Youth TestimoniesVarious
520404/22/12Why You Should Faithfully Attend ChurchBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsHebrews 10:24-25
520304/22/12It's Not Fair; It's GraceBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 20:1-16
520204/15/12Exceeding All ExpectationBro. Zachary RappActs 3:1-12
520104/15/12How It All Looks To GodBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 18:4-10
520004/11/12How Can You Say That Jesus Is The Only Way?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
519904/08/12Cultivate ContentmentBro. Zane EstisPsalms 128:1-6
519804/08/12Yet Dark?Bro. Clifford HurstJohn 20:1
519704/04/12How Is Jericho Any Different Than 9/11?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
519604/01/12The Basic Doctrine Of The Second ComingBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsJames 5:8
519504/01/12The Sight From The SummitBro. Clifford HurstLuke 19:28-44
519403/28/12Remember AgainBro. Bryan McKelveyLamentations 3:17-25
519303/25/12The Waters About The WalkBro. Clifford HurstRomans 6:1-6
519203/25/12Bother GodBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 18:1-8
519103/21/12How Can You Christians Believe in Absolutes?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
519003/18/12The Doctrine Of Divine HealingBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsMark 16:15-20
518903/18/12Just Doing My DutyBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 17:7-10
518803/14/12Who Moved The Stone?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
518703/11/12The Doctrine Of The Baptism Of The Holy GhostBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsActs 1:4
518603/11/12You Need Not DepartBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 14:13
518503/07/12Missions Report NicaraguaBro. Jason McKelveyMatthew 14:5
518403/04/12Wounds That Will Not HealBro. Anthony LesterJeremiah 18:18-22
518303/03/12A Door In The DarkBro. Anthony LesterWinter Warm-Up 2012Hosea 2:15
518203/03/12Searching For PenielBro. Anthony LesterWinter Warm-Up 2012Genesis 28:10-16
518103/01/12The Bridegroom ComethBro. Anthony LesterMatthew 25:6
518002/29/12Cross ExaminationBro. Anthony LesterPsalms 26:2
517902/28/12Do You Want Him To Leave?Bro. Anthony LesterLuke 8:26
517802/27/12Your EverythingBro. Anthony LesterHabakkuk 3:17-19
517702/26/12Who Are You, Really?Bro. Anthony LesterEcclesiastes 11:3
517602/26/12Blot It Out!Bro. Anthony LesterPsalms 51
517502/22/12Like A TreeBro. Bryan McKelveyPsalms 1:1-6
517402/19/12The Doctrine Of SanctificationBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsI Thessalonians 4:3
517302/19/12The Here And The HereafterBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 16:19-31
517202/15/12Is The Bible Reliable?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
517102/12/12What Keeps You From It?Bro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsActs 8:26-40
517002/12/12Investing For The FutureBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 16:1-9
516902/08/12Do Miracles Really Happen?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
516802/05/12The Doctrine Of JustificationBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsRomans 5:8-10
516702/05/12Why We Love The CrossBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 1:18, 23-
516401/29/12Lost And Found: The SonBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 15:31-32
516301/22/12The CallSis. Anne Buening
516201/22/12Lost And Found: The CoinBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 15:8-10
516101/15/12The Discipline Of PrayerBro. Clifford HurstBack To The BasicsActs 4:31
516001/15/12Lost And Found: The SheepBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 15:1-7
515901/11/12The Happiness In HungerBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 5:6
515801/08/12Back To The Basics: Bible ReadingBro. Clifford HurstBack To The Basics
515701/01/12Launch OutBro. Clifford HurstLuke 5:1-7
515601/01/12A New Table For A New TimeBro. Clifford HurstLuke 26:20-30
515512/28/11Shield For The ShepherdBro. Nathan BrimmPsalms 3:1-8
515412/25/11A Spirit Arranged EncounterBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:21-35
515312/21/11Hidden Treasures For Hurting ChildrenBro. Zane EstisIsaiah 50:10-11
515212/18/11Cantata- Night Of Alleluias!UPC Choir
515112/18/11Unto You Is Born A SaviorBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:7-20
515012/14/11Believe In The GiftBro. Aaron MaggardLuke 1:5-20
514912/11/11Christ's Coming: Beginning Of The EndBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 2:8-15
514812/11/11Be It Unto MeBro. Clifford HurstLuke 1:26-38
514712/07/11Is The Historical Jesus Really God?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
514612/04/11The PromiseBro. Clifford HurstGenesis 3:15
514511/30/11How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
514411/27/11There Is A FountainBro. Clifford HurstZechariah 13:1
514311/27/11Fill My HouseBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 14:16-24
514211/22/11Thankful That He HearsBro. Clifford HurstJohn 11:41-42
514111/20/11Our Promise Of VictoryBro. Clifford HurstI John 5:4
514011/20/11One More YearBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 13:1-9
513911/16/11Does God Exist? Part 3Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
513811/13/11God Is Still At WorkBro. Clifford HurstPhilippians 1:6
513711/13/11The Rich Fool: Poor ManBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 12:13-21
513611/09/11Does God Exist? Part 2Bro. Clifford HurstHow to ApologizeI Peter 3:15
513511/06/11When God's Among UsBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 14:24-25
513411/06/11Overcomer's Outreach ServiceOBI Outreach Team
513311/02/11Does God Exist? Part 1Bro. Clifford HurstHow To ApologizeI Peter 3:15
513210/30/11There Is A ThereBro. Clifford HurstJohn 10:39-42
513110/30/11Because Of ImportunityBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 11:58
513010/23/11Now Is The TimeBro. Bobby BaileyJohn 4:31-38
512910/23/11The Good SamaritanBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 10:23-57
512810/19/11You Must Be Born AgainBro. Bryan McKelveyJohn 3:1-22
512710/16/117 x 70 FORGIVENESSBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 18:21-35
512610/12/11Greed!Bro. Ralph HeathLuke 12:13-21
512510/09/11The Bad News And The Good NewsBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 13:18
512410/05/11Broken!Bro. Jamie BurrJohn 4:1-54
512310/02/11There's Enough BloodBro. Scott Ennis
512210/02/11Purchasing The PearlBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 13:44-46
512109/28/11Don't Dim The LightsBro. Bryan McKelveyMatthew 15:14-16
512009/25/11Motive: MissionsBro. Mike PetitRomans 5:12
511909/25/11The Mustard MiracleBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 13:31-32
511809/21/11Hold Onto The LordBro. Cecil RoseJohn 15:12-15
511709/18/11Joshua's Filthy RagsBro. Clifford HurstZachariah 3:1-4
511609/18/11The Weeds And The WheatBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 13:24-30
511509/14/11Elisha's AssignmentBro. Jacob HillenII Kings 2:1-4
511409/11/11Prayer Changes ???????Bro. Clifford HurstHebrews 5:7
511309/11/11The Seed And The SoilBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 13:1-23
511209/07/11You CanBro. Jason McKelveyMatthew 27:62-66
511109/04/11Soul ThirstBro. Clifford HurstPsalms 42:1-5
511009/04/117 MoreBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 12:43-45
510908/31/11A Question Of EternityBro. Bryan McKelveyJohn 6:60-69
510808/28/11Guarding Your PurityBro. Zane EstisPsalms 119:9-15
510708/28/11Binding The StrongemanBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 12:25-30
510608/24/11We Need The FireSis Judy DaleMatthew 3:11-12
510508/21/11The Difference Between DebtorsBro. Clifford HurstParablesLuke 7:40-43
510408/17/11Get Ready!Bro. Dale Lightner
510308/14/11Where Is The Power?Bro. Clifford HurstEphesians 1:19
510208/14/11Of Floods And FoundationsBro. Clifford HurstParablesMatthew 7:24-27
510108/09/11Davis Family Reunion Tour Part 2Davis Family
510008/09/11Davis Family Reunion Tour Part 1Davis Family
509908/07/11New Bottles For The New WineBro. Clifford HurstParablesMark 2:21-22
509707/31/11A Buyer's MarketBro. Mike SheltonJeremiah 32:8-17
509607/31/11The KingdomBro. Clifford HurstParablesMark 4:30
509507/24/11A Good Man And A Bad MistakeBro. Mike BlueII Chronicles 17:1-7
509407/20/11Tabernacle: Today's TabernacleBro. Clifford HurstTabernacle
508907/17/11He Knows What Your ThinkingBro. Clifford HurstMark 2:1-12
508807/17/11Led Into LoveBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansII Thessalonians 3:5
508707/13/11Bottling The WindBro. Aaron MaggardJohn 3:1-11
508607/10/11Do Not Sell The TruthBro. Bryan McKelveyProverbs 23:23
508507/10/11Drowning, Going UnderBro. Bryan McKelveyIsaiah 59:1
508407/06/11Tabernacle: The Priests At Work In The TabernacleBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus
508307/03/11Freedom Service 2011Bro. Clifford Hurst
508207/03/11He Sets The Captive FreeBro. Clifford HurstLuke 4:16-19
508106/29/11The PriestsBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus
508006/26/11PhillipBro. Charles AkersActs 8:26-36
507906/26/11The Lies Of The Last DaysBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansII Thessalonians 2:9-17
509306/23/11SOYC EveningBro. Greg AkinsSOYC 2011
509206/22/11SOYC EveningBro. Greg AdkinsSOYC 2011
509106/21/11SOYC EveningBro. Greg AdkinsSOYC 2011
509006/20/11SOYC EveningBro. Greg AdkinsSOYC 2011
507806/19/11Men: Pigs or PrincesBro. Ralph HeathGenesis 2:18-24
507706/19/11Defenders Of Our CastleBro. Clifford HurstII Samuel 23:11
507606/15/11Failure Is Not FinalBro. Jamie BurrLuke 22:54-62
507506/12/11A Holy Ghost RevivalBro. Bryan McKelveyJoel 1:2-7
507406/12/11The Antichrist Is ComingBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansII Thessalonians 2:1-12
507306/05/11The Quick Perspective To ChangeBro. Clifford HurstJohn 1:45-51
507206/05/11ForgivenBro. Clifford HurstLuke 23:32-34
507106/01/11Water Out Of The Wells Of SalvationSis. Joy BrockIsaiah 12:1-6
507005/29/11Ten Reasons People Go backBro. Clifford HurstJohn 6:66-69
506905/29/11The Flaming Fire FinaleBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansII Thessalonians 1:1-12
506805/25/11Mexico: Missions ReportSis. Aubrey Laurito
506705/22/11God Gets And Keeps Us ReadyBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 5:16-35
506605/18/11Tabernacle: The Furniture, The Ark Of The CovenantBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 25:14
506505/15/11The David Kind Of FaithBro. Clifford HurstI Samuel 17:32-37
506405/15/11Of The Day And Not Of The DarkBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 5:4-11
506305/11/11Made To FitBro. Bryan McKelveyEphesians 4:1-17
506205/08/11A Mother's LoveSis. Mary DixonPsalms 127:3
506105/08/11The Other MotherBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 11:23-27
506005/01/11Reaching The Lost In GermanyBro. Matthew Stephens
505905/01/11WoundsBro. James MartinPsalms 147:1-5
505804/24/11The Monsters Inside UsBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 7:15-24
505704/24/11He Changed Their HeartsBro. Clifford HurstLuke 24:1-3
505604/20/11The Tabernacle: The Alter Of IncenseBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 30:1
505504/17/11How Much Have You Had?Bro. Clifford HurstEphesians 5:15-18
505404/17/11He Knew What He Would FaceBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 20:17-19
505304/13/11Tabernacle: The Table Of ShowbreadBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 25:23-30
505204/10/11The Battle For The HomeBro. Ben BakerJudges 6:1-12
505104/10/11The Day Of The Lord So ComethBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 5:1-3
505004/06/11The Glory Due HimBro. Aaron MaggardI Chronicles 16:29-36
504904/03/11The ParousiaBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 4:13-18
504803/31/11Tabernacle: The LampstandBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 25:31
504703/27/11Doing Well In Doing WellBro. Clifford HurstGalatians 6:9
504603/27/11More And More Until His ComingBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 4:1-12
504503/23/11Tabernacle: The LaverBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 30:17
504403/20/11The Church Is The Best Thing ComingBro. Clifford HurstEphesians 3:9-10
504303/20/11A Heart Holy At His ComingBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 3:1-13
504203/18/11AloneBro. Jamie BurrGenesis 32:22-32
504103/16/11Tabernacle: The FurnitureBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 27:1
504003/13/11The Time Is At HandBro. Mike StephensRevelations 1:1-3
503903/13/11The Greatest Joy At His ComingBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 2:19-20
503703/11/11A Part Of His ChurchBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 16:16-18
503603/11/11While We WaitBro. Clifford HurstThessaloniansI Thessalonians 1:1-10
503803/09/11Tabernacle: The DoorsBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 27:16
503503/02/11Tabernacle: The StructureBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 27:9
503402/27/11Pray, Don't Faint!Bro. Clifford HurstLuke 18:1
503302/27/11Your Heel On Satan's HeadBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 16:1-27
503202/26/11Are You Thrsty?Bro. David BrimmWinter Warm-Up 2011
503102/25/11The Evening WolvesBro. David BrimmWinter Warm-Up 2011Habakkuk 1:8
503002/23/11Ready And WaitingBro. Bryan McKelveyII Peter 3:1-14
502902/20/11Pray With MeBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 15:14-33
502802/16/11Rooms Of The TabernacleBro. Clifford HurstTabernacle Exodus
502702/13/11Through The Eyes Of A GrasshopperBro. Clifford HurstNumbers 13:31-33
502602/13/11Filled To Run OverBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 15:1-24
502502/09/11The Purpose Of It's FigureBro. Clifford HurstTabernacleExodus 25:8
502402/06/11Me First!Bro. Clifford HurstPsalms 139:23-24
502302/06/11Confidence In The CovenantBro. Clifford HurstLuke 22:20
502201/30/11Being An IntercessorBro. Clifford HurstExodus 32:7
502101/30/11How To Have (And Keep) ItBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 14:13-23
502001/26/11Christ And His CrossBro. Bryan McKelveyI Corinthians 2:1-5
501901/23/11Jesus Christ The JudgeBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 14:10-12
501801/23/11The Boss Of MeBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 12:1-12
501701/19/11Shall He Find Faith On The Earth?Bro. Ralph HeathLuke 18:1-8
501601/16/11Baptism Says It's NewBro. Clifford HurstRomans 6:1
501501/16/11A Knowing-The-Time-LifeBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 13:8-14
501401/12/11Overcoming:ProcrastinationBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingProverbs 27:1
501301/09/11Like Noah In Days Like Noah'sBro. Clifford HurstGenesis 6:12-14
501201/05/11Overcoming JealousyBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingI Samuel 18
501101/02/11The First MonthBro. Clifford HurstExodus 12:1-3
500912/26/10The Message About What It MeansBro. Clifford HurstActs 2:14-41
500812/26/10Greater Is HeBro. Clifford HurstI John 4:4
500712/22/10The Wonder In WorshipBro. Clifford HurstMatthew 2:10-11
500612/19/10The Birth Of The LightBro. Clifford HurstLuke 2:25-33
500512/15/10Todays Generation Equals Todays ChurchBro. Bryan McKelveyJudges 2:1-11
500412/12/10Preface to the Christmas StoryBro. Clifford HurstLuke 1:5-8
500312/12/10The Virgin BirthBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 7:10-14
500212/08/10Overcoming GuiltBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingI John 2:20
500112/05/10The Father Sent The SonBro. Clifford HurstI John 4:14
500012/01/10We Know Where It's AtBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 55:6
499911/28/10Movement In All DirectionsBro. Clifford HurstActs 2:1-4
499811/28/10The Powers That Be Of GodBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 13:1-7
499711/23/10The One Who Got MoreBro. Clifford HurstLuke 17:12-19
499611/21/10When It's NightBro. Tim LauritoJohn 13:30
499511/21/10Hearts Boiling HotBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 12:9-21
499411/19/10Obededom's ObsessionBro. Tim LauritoI Chronicles 13:1-14
499311/17/10More Than A Super HeroBro. Bryan McKelveyIssaiah 59:1-8
499211/14/10Not Spectating But ParticipatingBro. Clifford HurstActs 1:10-12
499111/14/10Ain't Humble, Ain't HolyBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 12:1-8
499011/10/10Overcoming TemptationBro. Clifford HurstOvercoming1 Corinthians 10:12-13
498911/07/10It Only Makes SenseBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 12:1-2
498811/03/10Uganda Trip ReportBro. Ryan McKelveyMark 5:21
498710/31/10Gospel By ChoirChoir
498610/31/10Part Of The PartBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 11:1-36
498510/24/10The Pearl Of Great PriceBro. Doug PresleyMatthew 13:44-46
498410/24/10Pastor Appreciation DayBro. Gene HuffMatthew 25:15
498310/20/10Fitly FramedBro. Aaron MaggardEphesians 2:11-22
498210/17/10Another Wilderness ExperienceBro. Bryan McKelveyPsalms 63:1-8
498110/17/10Faith We Don't Have To Be Ashamed OfBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 10:1-21
498010/13/10Overcoming FailureBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingMicah 7:8
497910/10/10The Two Sides To The Hall Of faithBro. Clifford HurstHebrews 11:32-40
497810/10/10Compassion Makes The DifferenceBro. Jamie BurrJude 1:17-23
497710/06/10Overcoming DoubtBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingPsalms 42:5
497610/03/10After SupperBro. Clifford HurstJohn 13:2,30
497509/29/10HopeBro. Bryan McKelvey1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
497409/26/10What's At Work In Us?Bro. Clifford HurstEphesians 3:20
497309/26/10Who Are The People Of God?Bro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 9:6-33
497209/22/10Overcoming HurtBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingPsalms 55:1
497109/19/10Show Us Thy GloryBro. Bobby BaileyDaniel 9:1-5
497009/19/10It's Not About meBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 9:1-5
496909/15/10Overcoming FearBro. Clifford HurstOvercoming2 Timothy 1:1-7
496809/12/10Receiving The Things Of The SpiritBro. Clifford Hurst1 Corinthians 2:9-14
496709/12/10What We Have Going For UsBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 8:29-39
496609/08/10Overcoming AngerBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingEphesians 4
496509/05/10His Power In WorshipBro. Clifford HurstAs We Have SeenPsalms 63:1-2
496409/05/10How Bad Things Turn Out GoodBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 8:28
496309/01/10Overcoming WorryBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingPhilippians 4:6
496208/29/10Help For The HurtingBro. Clifford HurstRomansLuke 10:30-35
496108/29/10How The Spirit HelpsBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 8:14-27
495408/08/10You Get What Your AfterBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 8:1-13
495308/04/10Overcoming DiscouragementBro. Clifford HurstOvercomingNumbers 21:4
494407/11/10The Body Of DeathBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 7:1-25
494107/04/10Free from SinBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 6:12-23
493806/27/10Dead But AliveBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 6:1-11
493306/13/10Sin Versus GraceBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 5:12-21
492705/30/10The Steps Of FaithBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 4:12-16
492505/23/10ImputationBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 4:1-3
492205/16/10The Mess And The MessengerBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 3:1-3
491005/02/10Justified FreelyBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 3:21-25
490904/25/10Go With GodBro. Mike BarkerPsalms 37:23-25
490804/25/10More Than InterestedBro. Bryan McKelveyLuke 19:1-7
490604/18/10As We Have SeenBro. Clifford HurstAs We Have SeenPsalms 63:1-2
490504/18/10Inexcusable ExcusesBro. Clifford HurstAs We Have SeenRomans 1:20
490404/14/10Missionary ServiceBro. David Trawick
490304/11/10As We Have SeenBro. Clifford HurstAs We Have SeenPsalms 63:1-2
490204/11/10God's OutrageBro. Clifford HurstRomansRomans 1:18
490704/07/10Let Us Love One AnotherBro. Clifford Hurst1 John 4:7
490104/07/10Underneath The ArmorBro. Clifford HurstArmourEphesian 6:10-18
490004/04/10From Sad To GladBro. Clifford HurstJohn 20:19-20
489904/04/10Then Came JesusBro. Clifford HurstJohn 20:19-29
489803/31/10The Sword Of The SpiritBro. Clifford HurstArmourEphesian 6:10-18
489703/28/10Be A Christian Outside Of ChurchBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 6
489603/28/10His LoveBro. Bryan McKelveyRomans 8:38-39
489503/24/10The Unquestioned AnswerBro. Aaron MaggardLuke 15:11-20
489403/21/10Compel Them To ComeBro. Clifford HurstLuke 14:15-24
488302/28/10The Miraculous Church Part IIBro. James SnowAs We Have SeenActs 1:1-8
488202/28/10The Miraculous Church Part IBro. James SnowActs 1:1-8
488102/27/10Winter Warm Up 2010 Part IIBro. James SnowI Peter 2:9
488002/26/10Winter Warm Up 2010 Part IBro. James SnowI Timothy 3:16
487902/21/10Your Heart, His House!Bro. Bryan McKelveyHaggai 1:2-8
487802/21/10The Problem With HellBro. Clifford HurstHellMark 9:43-48
487702/17/10The Sandals Of The GospelBro. Clifford HurstArmourEphesians 6:10-18
487602/14/10GehennaBro. Clifford HurstHellMark 9:43-48
487502/10/10He That Made Me Whole Said ItBro. Clifford HurstJohn 5:5-11
487402/07/10The UnctionBro. Clifford HurstI John 2:18-20
487302/07/10He Still ExistsBro. Clifford HurstMark 9:43-48
487202/03/10The Breastplate Of RighteosnessBro. Clifford HurstArmourEphesians 6:10-18
487101/31/10Heaven Is A CityBro. Clifford HurstHeavenHebrews 12:22
487001/27/10Don't Lift The Load AloneBro. Ryan McKelveyI Peter 5:5-6
486901/24/10After Shock!Bro. Clifford HurstMatthew 24:4
486801/24/10Heaven Is A GardenBro. Clifford HurstHeavenGenesis 2:8-10
486701/20/10The Belt Of TruthBro. Clifford HurstArmourEphesians 6:10-18
486601/17/10Are You Open?Bro. Clifford HurstActs 16:13-15
486501/17/10Heaven Is A KingdomBro. Clifford HurstHeavenMatthew 8:11
486401/13/10Stand!Bro. Clifford HurstArmourEphesians 6:10-18
486301/10/10When The Spirit Is Upon UsBro. Clifford HurstLuke 3:21
486201/06/10The Strength For The SoldierBro. Clifford HurstArmourEphesians 6:10-18
486101/03/10A New Thing In A New YearBro. Clifford HurstIsaiah 43:14-19
486001/03/10Communion Is CommunionBro. Clifford HurstI Corinthians 10:16